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Healthy doughnuts
(In a doughnut maker)


Ingredients for 20 pcs:

1/2 a cup of coconut oil,

1/2 a glass of water,

2  eggs,

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract,

¾  cup of sugar,

1/2 a bag of baking powder,

½  a teaspoon of drinking soda,

1  3/4 cup of almond/rice/buckwheat flour (whatever suits you),

2 tbsps of raw cocoa powder.


 Grease and heat the doughnut maker.

Mix all the dry ingredients, except the cocoa powder, to a smooth consistency.

Divide the mixture equally into two bowls and add the cocoa to one of them. Mix thoroughly.

Fill the doughnut maker with half of the light batter and a quarter of the dark batter (or vice versa), cook for 5 minutes, and remove to cool.

Healthy doughnuts
(In a doughnut maker)
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