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If you’re on Valery’s website reading this, consider yourself already on the road to healing. You have found a truly amazing naturopath. I started working with Valery immediately after testing positive for SIBO last summer. For years I had suffered from bloating, acid reflux and trapped gas that would keep me up into the wee hours of the morning. A few months later, after following a protocol tailored to my diagnosis, I am SIBO-free and all of my symptoms are gone. At 44 years old, I can finally say I know how to properly take care of myself thanks to Valery and everything she has taught me during this process – from how to prepare certain foods for optimal nutrition to meal spacing to jumping on the rebounder for lymphatic drainage. If you have the privilege of working with Valery, know you are in good hands. Listen to what she says, follow her protocol to a tee and you will see results. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Shania Miller

Dear Valery!! ❤ I finally get to write to you, about how amazing you are! 🙏 Thank you very much for such a significant process that I went through with you, in which you accompanied me closely in my dealings with Crohn's. Thanks to the close treatments with you, I first learned to be attentive to my body and what is good for me and what is not good. And of course, I learned what is right for me to eat, what to look for and how to be critical of the food and ingredients I buy, and how to live with love and nourishment towards the food I put in my body. To distinguish between what nourishes me, and what harms me. All along the way, you supported, listened, knew how to advise and say the right things, also on a psychological level. Even if sometimes I need breaks, you always know how to give me my time in the process. Always pleasantly, kindly, with incredible acceptance and without judgment (even when I had falls). Always wants the best for me, and shows how important my good feeling and the improvement of my situation is to you. I personally very much connect with your approach to natural nutrition, plants and quality nutritional supplements, and I highly recommend everyone to aim for this approach. With the help of a combination of psychotherapy treatments, along with the nutritional work with you, I stabilized my Crohn's, without medical intervention and without medication. Our road is not over, the work is daily, and I'm glad you're the one by my side ❤🙏

Alex Fleshler

Valery is simply amazing, she knows how to listen and can help and advise in countless different cases!
She helped us a lot from the first time we contacted her and we believe that she can help everyone in one way or another

Holly Shtempfer

Valery is lovely! She helped me a lot nutritionally and mentally, highly recommended!

Nathan Winkler

Very professional Naturopath. Saved my life
Thanks to her, my digestive system works amazing now

Danny Navon

Valery is professional and patient with wide and varied knowledge knows how to adapt the solution to the problem after a professional and accurate

Sara Gutman

Excellent therapist, very experienced, patient, attentive! She has a lot of knowledge in the field

Bob chayun

Amazing and practical! Highly recommended!

Felix F

I found Valerie through the Internet while I was looking for solutions to complex problems of the digestive system that I have been trying to solve for many years.

I tried to solve it on my own and it didn't work, I tried to contact gastro specialists and they left me with more questions than answers, the answer is always that you have an upset stomach, but why? But what causes this and how do you fix this problem once and for all?

Valery was the first person who helped me reach a significant breakthrough in my health and my general feeling, I learned a lot from her about how to listen to my body and how to achieve the right balance in my body in general, and most of all- I received tools that will help me later in life to understand what is happening with my digestive system and what is right Do at any stage one way or another with the help of listening to the body and with the help of many signs that our body shows us, such as the health of the skin and hair, the tongue, bowel activity, swelling, gas, pain, quality of sleep, mood, and many other things.

Working with Valerie is a fun experience that can be described by the fact that she will not put food on the patient's plate, but will teach him to fish on his own.

Eva Doroshev

I highly recommend Valery! A very personal and supportive attitude, and a lot of understanding and consideration. We had 4 meetings and she put together a personalized menu for my needs. During the process lost 9 kilos and dropped 2 sizes, I also felt more energetic than ever! Thank you Valery!

Sima Zvulon

Valerie took care of me for 3 months, accompanied me through the recovery process in a pleasant and professional manner.

Highly recommend

Ilya Mitin

Valerie is a professional naturopath, specializing in the treatment of the digestive system.

She put my stomach in order, helped me start eating right and in a way that suits my body.

She also helped me shed about 8 kg with the use of a varied nutrition plan and personal guidance.Very emotionally intelligent and professional therapist. Highly recommended!

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