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Book an Online Naturopathic Consultation

Thanks to technology, high-quality naturopathic care is now accessible to anyone, anywhere through convenient virtual consultations. Distance is no barrier when we can meet securely via video chat.
All you need is a quiet, private space, a device with a camera and internet connection. Online sessions are as productive and effective as in-person visits, without travel or commute. My patients find telemedicine appointments a seamless, rewarding experience.
I welcome new patients from all locations who may benefit from customized naturopathic treatments for gastrointestinal disorders, inflammation, or other digestive issues. Simply fill out the intake form describing your health concerns, and I'll contact you promptly to schedule a thorough 90-minute virtual consultation.
My modern practice blends compassionate, personal naturopathic medicine with the connectivity of telehealth to provide exceptional care across any mileage. I look forward to meeting with you online and helping you on your path to renewed digestive wellness and vitality.

Important to know:

I understand the sensitive nature of personal health information. Please know that everything you share with me is completely confidential and stays strictly between us. Your privacy is my utmost priority.

I am legally and ethically bound to safeguard your medical details in adherence with all healthcare privacy laws and regulations. Your information is stored securely, accessed only by myself, and never shared with any third party without your explicit consent.

My goal is for you to feel comfortable being open, knowing that our conversations and your medical history are kept under lock and key. I want you to feel certain that the vulnerabilities and struggles you reveal stay strictly confidential. You can share honestly and freely, with the assurance that your privacy is fully protected.

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Thank you, will get back to you shortly

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