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A Comprehensive Personalized Treatment Plan

I understand that healing from complex digestive issues requires deep lifestyle shifts which can feel overwhelming without close support. Making impactful changes sticks when you feel safe, understood, and confident you're on the right path. Ongoing collaboration provides the continuity and personalized guidance to help major changes feel doable.

Knowing you have a compassionate advocate invested in your success can make all the difference. As your Naturopathic therapist, I will be your partner through every phase of transformation. I never prescribe extensive protocols and then leave patients to their own devices. Together we will co-create a step-by-step roadmap so progress feels steady and achievable. My goal is for you to feel heard, motivated, and empowered through our frequent appointments.

Drawing from experience, I've learned lasting change unfolds one small victory at a time. It is a process, not an overnight fix. But with consistent naturopathic care tailored to your evolving needs, we can build sustainable wellness that helps you thrive in body and spirit. I look forward to accompanying you on this healing journey.


Personalized treatment plan

My passion for helping those with complex digestive conditions led me to design personalized programs supporting patients holistically. My comprehensive virtual packages include regular sessions tailored to your needs through every phase of healing.

Together we’ll craft a personalized nutrition plan, guide you assembling gut-nourishing meals, provide anti-inflammatory recipes, recommend targeted supplements and herbal formulas, and equip you with stress management techniques. You’ll gain the knowledge and tools to understand your body’s unique needs and keep your health optimized for life.

My integrative approach sees you as a whole person, not just a medical case. You’ll receive my dedicated support as we unravel the physical, environmental, emotional, and lifestyle factors influencing your digestive health. My goal is for you to feel empowered, understood, and confident navigating your condition by the program’s end.

Investing in your long-term wellbeing enables sustainable remission. I’m eager to co-create a customized plan helping you live symptom-free and thrive. The journey begins with the first step - let’s get started!

You are eligible for treatment if:

  • You suffer from a digestive disease which does not respond to medication.

  • You are experiencing an acute flare of Crohn's, Colitis, Gastritis or IBS. 

  • You are in rehabilitation from a flare or an operation.

  • You wish to preserve remission and prevent recurrence of an IBS or IBD flare.

  • You suffer from Sibo.

  • You simply wish to learn how to manage your disease and live a happy and fullfilling life.

The treatment will provide maximum therapeutic benefits for you:

  • ​Enable you to regain control of your gut.

  • Help you to achieve remission.

  • Help treat severe symptoms like diarrhea, swelling, hemorrhoids, pain, bleeding, heartburn, and more.

  • Contribute to the prevention of complications.

  • Relieve pain during and after meals.

  • Bring back your appetite and pleasure of eating.

  • Help you maintain proper body weight.

  • Allow you to plan trips or simply go to a restaurant without fear.

  • Reinstate  your energy and vitality levels

  • Help you avoid drug dependency.

  • Refill shortages of nutrients in your  body

  • Help you maintain a longer remission state.

  • Help to prevent hospitalization and surgery.

  • Help in case of post-operative recovery.

  • Encourage you to start listening to your body.

  • Help you deal with the stress associated with the disease.

  • Cook healthy and tasty food. 

  • Make the right choices for your recovery.

Green Goodness


First 90 mins introduction meeting- 120 £

Three 60 mins follow-up meetings- 270 £

I provide convenient virtual consultations, making naturopathic care accessible from the comfort of your own home. There is no need to travel - simply prepare a quiet space, your device of choice with internet connection, and an open mind. That's all you need to begin your healing journey and experience the benefits of naturopathic medicine through online appointments. You can take the first step toward renewed wellbeing right from your living room. I'm excited to support your health transformation through compassionate virtual naturopathic care.

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