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What is Naturopathy?

As a Naturopathic doctor my approach balances modern science with nature's healing wisdom to support whole-person wellness. Unlike conventional medicine which silos the body into systems, I view health through an integrated, holistic lens. During the treatment I take into consideration the interconnected factors - biological, environmental, emotional, mental, social - that can create imbalances and lead to illness. I partner with patients to not only alleviate symptoms, but discover and resolve the root causes of disease. My individualized protocols blend evidence-based natural therapies to restore balance and enhance the body's innate healing abilities. With compassionate guidance, I empower patients to transform their lifestyles and cultivate lasting wellbeing. My Naturopathic remedies promote healing on multiple levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I draw upon functional nutrition, medical herbs, supplements, and other gentle tools to bring the body back into harmony. My goal is always to treat the whole person and enable long-term health, not just temporarily subdue symptoms. I trust nature has immense power to restore health when given the right conditions to thrive.

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Navigating diet with digestive conditions like Crohn's and colitis is complex, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Contradictory opinions abound on what to eat or avoid, but the key is personalized nutrition tailored to your unique needs. While some foods tend to be pro-inflammatory, and others anti-inflammatory, responses vary greatly between individuals. What aggravates symptoms in one person may aid another’s gut healing. I recognize nutrition plays a major role in managing and preventing flares, but adjust protocols based on the nuances of each case.

My process begins by assessing your condition’s activity level, sensitivities, lifestyle factors, and the interplay of diet with your overall health picture. From there, we may trial an elimination diet to pinpoint triggers, while ensuring nutritional gaps are filled through a gut-soothing, anti-inflammatory diet. My goal is to find the optimal nutrition strategy just for you, taking into account the many variables that influence what foods will help versus hurt your unique digestive system. With a personalized protocol, we can harness food’s power to minimize inflammation and promote healing during any stage of your condition. There is no standard diet for everyone - let’s collaborate to find your nutritional sweet spot.

Herbal Medicine

As a Clinical Herbalist, I have witnessed firsthand the immense healing potential of medicinal plants for inflammatory bowel conditions and other chronic illnesses. Herbal therapies offer a gentle yet potent means to alleviate symptoms, accelerate healing, and strengthen the body's resiliency. Unlike pharmaceuticals, herbs work in harmony with the body's natural physiology to restore balance holistically. A personalized herbal protocol can quickly relieve digestive upset, fatigue, and inflammation, while providing safe, effective symptom management alongside conventional treatment.

However, the true art of herbal medicine lies in precision. I meticulously tailor each formula to address the patient's unique presentation and needs. Taking into account the interplay of factors influencing their disease pattern allows me to target herbs and dosages to their individual imbalances, sensitivities, and constitution. As powerful as medicinal plants are, they must be applied judiciously to ensure safety and efficacy. A customized herbal regimen stimulates the body's innate healing from within, with minimal risk of adverse effects. I look forward to collaborating with you to craft a herbal approach that optimizes your vitality, comfort, and clinical outcomes. Herbal medicine shines when it meets the specific needs of the patient. Let's explore how nature's remedies can restore you to health, gently and effectively.

Body - Mind Connection 

We know that for sufferers of chronic illness, mental and emotional health play a huge role in disease progression and overall wellbeing. While conventional medicine often separates mind and body, I recognize the intimate connection between our psychological states and physical healing. Stress, difficult emotions, and mood imbalances don’t just coexist with chronic conditions; they can directly exacerbate symptoms and accelerate flare-ups.

That’s why holistic stress relief and cultivating inner calm are cornerstones of my therapeutic approach. Together we’ll identify sources of emotional and mental burden tied to your illness so they can be processed and released. I offer patients a diverse toolbox of relaxation techniques, mind-body practices, and lifestyle changes to ease anxiety, manage stressful triggers, and counter the toll illness can take on mental health. My goal is to help you tune into your mind-body link and learn to care for both with equal compassion. Boosting your capacity for joy, resilience, and inner peace gives your body resources to keep fighting. With integrative care for your whole self, we’ll address every layer influencing your healing.

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What should you expect from my Naturopathic Treatment?

My naturopathic practice utilizes compassionate virtual appointments to provide personalized care that views your health holistically. Through live video meetings, we'll collaborate to understand the unique physical, mental, and emotional factors influencing your wellbeing. Together we'll reduce triggers, fill nutritional gaps, reduce inflammation and stress, and support your body's innate wisdom to move toward balance.

Rather than just suppressing symptoms, my integrative approach addresses the root imbalance beneath them. I'll listen with empathy as we explore the deeper stories, beliefs, and experiences tied to your health struggles. This introspective process raises self-awareness and motivation to make choices serving your healing. While I provide tailored nutritional, herbal, and lifestyle recommendations, remember - your thoughts and feelings are just as potent. Our meetings aim to uncover what your mind, body, and spirit need to find alignment. When every part of you is nurtured, true healing emerges. I look forward to partnering with you virtually to create thriving, whole-person wellness on all levels.


The first consultation

My initial naturopathic consultation is a 90-minute virtual appointment designed to thoroughly understand your health needs and begin crafting an integrated treatment plan. We will cover:

  • Reviewing your pre-visit health questionnaire and conducting an in-depth dialogue about your medical history, symptoms, medications, diet, lifestyle factors, and goals. My detailed inquiries aim to paint a holistic picture of your wellbeing.

  • Analyzing relevant lab reports and test results together.

  • Collaboratively mapping out a motivational, personalized therapeutic plan tailored to your unique health presentation. This pivotal step puts you on the path toward your wellness goals.

  • Creating an individualized protocol integrating nutrition, herbal medicine, supplementation, stress relief techniques, and any additional labs needed.

  • Designing a blended herbal formula with medicinal plants chosen specifically to address your symptoms and imbalances gently and effectively. I will send this custom preparation shortly after our consultation.

My aim is that you leave our first appointment feeling heard, empowered, and optimistic - with clarity on the natural solutions that will guide you toward renewed health and vitality.


Follow Up Consultations

Ongoing follow-up appointments every 3-5 weeks are critical for reinforcing your healing momentum and ensuring you feel supported through your wellness journey. Each 60-minute virtual session will:

  • Review your progress and celebrate wins!

  • Discuss any questions or challenges that have emerged since we last met.

  • Make any needed adjustments to your nutritional protocol. I'll provide new anti-inflammatory, gut-healthy recipes tailored to your changing needs.

  • Fine-tune your custom herbal formula and recommend any new supplements to optimize your results.

  • Check in on your mental/emotional health and offer stress management/resiliency boosting techniques. Your inner wellbeing is just as important!

  • Collaboratively get you one step closer to your health goals.

My intention is that you leave each follow-up feeling heard, refocused, and re-energized by our work together. I'll email a summary after every visit clearly detailing your updated protocols, recipes, and recommendations. Ongoing guidance keeps your healing momentum strong!

The treatments are suitable for adults, adolescents, and children.

I am always available for questions and quick consultations in-between sessions via WhatsApp.

All consultations are done ONLINE straight from the comfort of your home or office. All client information is treated strictly privately and confidentially. 

Looking forward to speaking to you!

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