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Comforting chicken soup


1 whole peeled onion,

2  stalks of celery

(if you are intolerant for onion/celery, use it only for flavoring, do not eat it),

2  peeled carrots, cut into cubes.

2  peeled zucchini cut into cubes,

1  sweet potato peeled and cut into cubes (if tolerated),

200  grams of peeled pumpkin cut into cubes,

2  peeled potatoes cut into cubes,

Parsley root and some dill (for flavor),

2-3  chicken thighs without skin and without fat.

1 cup of cooked white basmati rice (optional),

Himalayan salt to taste,

1 teaspoon of turmeric, and of thyme spice.


Cook all the ingredients except the rice together in a large pot, until the chicken and the vegetables are soft and ready.

(Remove the fatty layer if it accumulated on the surface).

Add the rice.

* You can replace the chicken with fish in the same way, but with a shorter cooking time.

Comforting chicken soup
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