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Cashew yogurt


250  grams of natural cashews (if your blender is not strong enough, it is recommended to soak the cashews for about 6 hours before grinding),

500  ml of water,

10  grams of salt,

A spoonful of fermentation starter: (a probiotic powder or a product that has undergone a fermentation process such as: sauerkraut water cashew yogurt first/ cashew cheese

If you don't have a fermentation starter, you can make the yogurt without it, but the fermentation will take longer (an extra day or two).


Grind all the ingredients (without the fermentation starter) until you get a batter of a smooth and even consistency.

Transfer the batter to a bowl, add the fermentation starter, and mix well.

Cover the bowl with a towel/ cling film and leave it outside the refrigerator.

Stir well, at least once each day, and replace the cover.

After two to three days (out of the fridge) the batter becomes thicker and tastes sour (the longer you leave it out, the sourer it gets).

When you get the desired sour taste, you can transfer it to a jar/bottle, close it with a lid/cork, and put it in the fridge.

Cashew yogurt
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