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Sweet grain-free pumpkin porridge


2 tablespoons of almond flour (you can also use coconut flour, or combine them),

a glass of coconut milk,

half a glass of water,

200 grams of pumpkin or acorn squash, cut into cubes,

a handful of pecans or walnuts (not during acute inflammation),

1 teaspoon of maple syrup,

1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder,

1/4 of a teaspoon of salt,

1 tbsp of coconut flakes.


 In a small pot, bring to the boil these ingredients: coconut milk, water, cinnamon, almond flour and pumpkin.

Add maple and salt and continue cooking until the pumpkin softens.

Remove from heat and stir to get a smooth, velvety consistency.

Sprinkle with nuts and coconut flakes before serving.

Sweet grain-free pumpkin porridge
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